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Does your kid need a little extra help with Math?

TOYconomy offers a variety of educational toys to help enhance your child’s learning curve. Check out our latest product feature of the month. 

Counting Money Combo: Mindware’s Loose Change and Lakeshore Learning’s Counting Money Puzzles Level 1 and 2 

Counting Money Combo: Mindware's Loose Change and Lakeshore Learning's Counting Money Puzzles Level 1 and 2


(Ages 6+) Loose Change: The Buck Stops Here in this Game of Coin Counting! Each player is dealt a hand of cards that includes nickels, dimes, quarters and half dollars. The object? Be the first to have a pile of cards add up to exactly one dollar. Be careful, though. If the coin card you play breaks the bank and exceeds the value of one dollar, you go bust! Loose Change includes Lucky Find and Save cards to help you along the way. The player with the most dollars wins. 2 to 6 players. The Counting Money Puzzles is a fun way to help kids learn coin value and how to add coins to reach a sum using different combinations.


Click here to rent this toy for only $5.00!

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