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When To Rent Toys?

When to rent toys?

There are many occasions and events throughout the year that makes renting toys a better option than lugging around those bulky boxes or ordering new ones only to find that you only needed them for a short period of time.


Be it a long or short trip, children need to be entertained even on vacations in that cozy cabin, a relative’s place or even the hotel room! What better way than to rent a toy!  Avoid the hassle of stuffing your luggage with toys from home and cut on packing time when you rent a toy specifically for the trip. Ship your toys directly to your vacation home or destination and simply drop if off at any at any one of our drop-off locations listed on the receipt in your package before you head home!

Family Visits

Visiting family or having family over? Ship your toys directly to your relative’s house to keep children occupied on those family visits so the adults can catch up with each other! Get Grandma involved in selecting fun and educational toys that your little ones can enjoy with her and expect hours of socializing and laughter. Have the adults join in as well!


Are you having more little ones over for playtime? Time to get organized with toys and games that will leave the kids amused for hours. Develop sociability among the kids through toys specifically made for more than one child! Have the mothers encourage and bond with their little ones by playing together.


Make those birthday kiddos feel extra special and surprise them with not just a birthday gift, but educational and interactive toys that they can share with their friends! Birthday parties are never easy because you have to consider entertaining different groups of children in one party.

Order birthday gifts, test it for 30 days to make sure your child likes his/her gift, and once he/she gets attached to it, you can purchase the gift for 30% off the retail price. With the gift wrap option, all birthday gift orders can be gift wrapped so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Educational supplement

Learning should be made fun and stimulating from time to time. Young ones will eventually get bored of daily activity and writing books, so inject some fun into learning through toys that supplement your child’s education. Keep your young ones acquainted with learning new things and enhancing their knowledge through a selection of didactic toys that aid the different stages of their development.

Forget about spending tons on educational toys that your kids will eventually outgrow. These toys incorporate learning-through-play so your little ones can enjoy the process of learning and have fun at the same time!

Everyday entertainment and play 

The best way to educate a child and still ensure that they are having fun and bonding with you is through playtime. Research has shown that daily playtime is vital to a healthy mind, body and spirit for children of all ages. Utilizing essential play toys and educational materials will help entertain, educate and teach your little ones new things every day. Remember, you do not always have to overspend or increase the amount of clutter just trying to keep your children entertained and educated. Renting toys has been the latest way of saving time, resources, and money while being able to test which toy is best suited for your child.

About TOYconomy

TOYconomy is an online toy rental and exchange program that can help you significantly decrease toy clutter and help you save money and resources by being more selective about the toys you choose. Founded and established in 2010 by a mother of three in Richmond, VA, TOYconomy’s mission is to help you keep your kids happy and healthy without having to burn big bucks.

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TOYconomy is available at http://www.TOYconomy.com/.


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