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A Prepared Learning Environment

A prepared environment for your child encompasses a number of aspects that require special attention. Your child’s physical surroundings will be the first step to a favorable learning environment. From there, we look into other little things around your precious little one, that contribute to a wonderful and conducive learning environment that both you and your child can be happy with.

The Surroundings

Only when the surroundings are accommodating as well as mentally and physically stimulating for a child, can it then be considered to be a prepared and suitable learning environment. Since a child begins learning from such a young age, the environment should change vaguely to suit your little one at his/her different age group. We also know that children learn fastest through creative exploration, so the surroundings should facilitate this factor in order to maximize your child’s learning ability. Move towards creating an environment that would allow a child to do more self-learning compared to constantly having someone around to control movement and make decisions for the child. Another important aspect to consider is to have other little ones (this may be friends or siblings) in that same environment as your child. Research and observations over the years have shown that young children learn effectively from other children in their surroundings, supporting mental development as well as progress in speech. 

Furniture & Tools

Once your surroundings are pretty much set up, you will need to think and re-think about the furniture or equipment in your child’s environment. The most effectual idea would be to use furniture of correct proportions to your child. Child-sized shelving, tables and chairs, utensils and other materials aid in encouraging your little one’s success in maneuvering around his/her environment and success in manipulating these things that he/she come in contact with. Adult-sized items don’t foster learning and explorations in children. Most of the time, children are put off by how large or heavy an object is. For example, a child would not be able to lift a jug of water if the jug is adult-sized, leaving the child upset, apprehensive, dependent and unwilling to complete such a task, disrupting his/her learning cycle. Keep things small where possible to promote independence and learning in your child. Also, an important note is to constantly remind yourself that the environment should always be clutter-free. Stacking up toys and materials will only discourage your child from being in such an environment.

Toys and Materials

A good implication that adds to a conducive environment for your child is to rent toys instead of buying. This helps reduce mess and untidiness around. Now with that in mind and the furniture and tools around the room in check, you will need to make sure that the toys and other similar materials you place in your child’s environment also encourages learning just as his actual physical surrounding does. After all, you didn’t work so hard to get all that done and forget about the toys he/she spends a lot of time on. You will need toys that cater to your child. This means age-appropriate toys that encourage and stimulate development according to your child’s level of difficulty. Toys that are too advanced will only deter your child from learning, and you wouldn’t want that. Toys that are too simple are not mentally stimulating enough and will bore your child quickly. One way to determine what toys are best for your child is through observation. Pick out several toys that you find appropriate at your child’s age and observe as your child plays with them. As you are observing, you will notice that young children are attracted by toys that are colorful and toys that do not look too complicated. With observation, you will be more confident the next time you choose to buy/rent a toy for that perfect environment you prepared for your precious little one.


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