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Imaginary Friends: There’s a Gorilla in My Dining Room!

“You can’t do that, that’s mean”, I heard my 2-year-old daughter say to someone in the dining room. She walked back into the kitchen brushed her horse’s hair (1 of 6 that she lined up biggest to smallest) and then went back to the dining room to carry on her conversation with her friend.

“Who are you talking to?”, I asked.

“A gorilla”, she replied.

Of my three girls, she has been the only one to dream up an imaginary friend. I love that she can see a gorilla in our house! Pretend play opens the door for great imaginary adventures in children. When you play with them, you can use the opportunity to help your children learn and develop other skills as well. When my daughter told me that she was talking to a gorilla, I asked her to tell me his name. Was he big or small? Was he mean or nice? All of these questions got her little mind turning and thinking about concepts – big vs. small, mean vs. nice, etc. you can also incorporate science, geography, math, really whatever you want to help your child think about “real life” concepts in their imaginary worlds.

Encourage creativity every day with your children! You will be fascinated with how your children mold their own little world. It’s better than any movie or tv show. Every now and then, jump into their world with them and be a kid for a day!

Enjoy your play time with your kids!