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Play Together, Stay Together

“Families that play together, stay together”

There is so much truth to this simple statement and I’m sure some of you have heard this or read this somewhere before. These days, the simple act of “playing” can be lost because we all have such hectic schedules. I admit that I am guilty of this sometimes. I will go through a busy day and realize that I did not have even 20 minutes of quality time with at least one of my three kids. I try to make those days few and far between but it does happen. I believe in a 30 minute play time rule for each day – spend at least 30 minutes every day with each one of your children playing a game,  engaging in role play, learning or mastering a new skill, being creative with blocks or magnets, coloring, kicking a ball, doing a puzzle, etc. It can be individually or all together. But, the important thing is to spend that time together. There is so much that you can learn about your kids by playing with them and it helps to build strong bonds and communication between each family member!

I would like to dedicate this blog post to parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, step-parents, etc. so that you can share your “play” experiences by leaving a comment, or send an email to info@toyconomy.com if you have a longer story to share – we’ll post it! What did you do together? How was it special? Did you discover anything new? We look forward to hearing from you!



3 Responses

  1. I’ll be the first! I sat down today and did a dot-to-dot with my 2-year-old for the first time. I discovered that she can recognize some of the numbers on her own. She even wanted to connect the dots on her own, so I let her. The reindeer ended up with a couple of extra bumps on its back, but she was proud of her work. We had a great time coloring the picture together and then she asked to rip it out so we could show daddy when he got home from work. That was 30 minutes well spent!

  2. We played a couple of games. First, with my youngest, we bowled today…the pins were anything he could stand near each other; loads of fun. The second game, which I played with all of them, was beat the clock. I had to get the house cleaned today so I made it a game. I would set a time for them to complete a task and they would work fast to beat it. It was good active play and we killed two birds with one stone…they had fun helping to clean up our house and I don’t have to do it all by myself!!!

    • you can swing by my house and repeat the process this weekend! Love it! – just curious, was there a reward for beating the clock or were they just content to beat it?

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