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TOYplay Tips: Egg-Spressions by Educo

Feelings are a hard thing to communicate with children, and even harder for them to communicate with you! So, when I saw Egg-Spressions by Educo, I thought this would be a great way to work with my 3-year-old on feelings and learning how to recognize facial expressions to understand the way a person is feeling.

First, I laid out all of the eggs on the table, separate from their colored bases. I asked her to find a face that looked “happy”. When she found the egg with the happy face, I then asked her to find the matching base. We went through each of the six “feelings” this way. When I asked her to find the “sad” face, her tone of voice changed and when she found the right egg, she immediately cradled it in her hands and swayed back and forth like she was comforting it. That was a great moment to watch as a parent because I learned that she can empathize and her immediate instinct was to care for the egg when she saw the sad facial expression.

Second, we read the board book that went along with the eggs and when each “feeling” was mentioned, I asked her to find the right egg and line it up in the order it was mentioned in the story.

Third, I asked her to show me her facial expressions for each of the six feelings. This was fun for both of us and caused a few giggles! But, the great thing about this activity was that it helped her relate her own facial expressions to feelings, which will help her associate them in real life scenarios.

Overall, this is a cute activity. It may require a little more interaction with younger kids and may not be stimulating enough for older kids.

Developmental areas: Emotional development, matching, sorting, order, expression and communication

Recommended ages: 2-3 years

Play time: 10 minutes

Extension activities:

1. Help your child create a story using each “feeling” and the eggs as characters. See what kind of scenarios they can imagine up for each character!

2. Spread the eggs around the room. Make a facial expression that matches one of the eggs/feelings and have your child race to find the right egg to match your facial expression.

Tested and review written by:

Shannon McAfee (Founder/Owner of TOYconomy) and 3-year-old daughter


One Response

  1. This would be a wonderful tool for my preschooler. He is starting to be really expressive about how he feels.

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