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TOYplay Tips: Rody Max by Gymnic

Rody Max

The other day I brought home Rody Max for my 3 kids to try. They had no idea what fun was ahead. The vibrant colored, latex and phthalate-free horse was quickly inflated to a wonderful ride-on a toy that allowed for stimulating creative play. From being a knight who is guarding the castle, to a cowboy in the wild west, Rody allowed my kids’ imaginations to take off.

Offered in two sizes, Rody and Rody Max are perfectly suited for many ages. My 5, 8 and 11-year-old not only had fun role-playing with Rody, but it also provided great exercise and worked on body coordination and balance skills as they happily bounced around the house!

My 8-year-old insisted on bringing Rody from room to room with her, and it did not leave her side all weekend. At one point, I even found Rody tucked-in beside her with his very own blanket and pillow.

Rody is great for indoor play and gets a lot of those wiggles and giggles out on a cold or rainy day. Rody can also be inflated to different sizes based on the weight of your child.

What can be better than one Rody? Two Rody toys. Double the fun and adventure for your little ones!

Developmental areas: Motor skills, including balance and body
coordination and exercise. Imaginative play.

Recommended ages: Rody: 2 – 4. Rody Max: 4 and up

Play time: hours of fun

Tested and review written by:
Jeanne Brooksbank, and 5, 8 and 11-year-old children


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