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Going on Vacation? Pack Less, Enjoy More!

Summer vacation, a week at the beach, visiting grandparents? It all sounds so simple and relaxing, but the work that goes into packing and planning for a family trip is enough to make your head spin. I cannot count how many times, we have loaded up the car with everything that we planned to take, and then started piling on the extras…toys, pillows, blankets, video games, more toys, etc. Pretty soon the car is packed to the hill and my poor husband cannot even see out the back window.

As you start to make your vacation plans for this summer, be sure to include TOYconomy in your packing list. By sending a shipment of toys directly to your vacation destination,TOYconomy can help eliminate all of the last-minute extras and save space in your car and luggage!

Imagine the look on your children’s faces when they get to their new destination and have a box full of new and exciting toys to play with for the week. And the best part is when your vacation is over, TOYconomy will schedule a pick-up and you can depart without worrying about how to get everything home. As we all know, luggage tends to double in size during a vacation, and we all seem to leave with more bags than we came with!

Be sure to check out www.toyconomy.com. With a few simple clicks, before you hit the road, your toys will arrive at your favorite spot in pristine condition and ready to be enjoyed by all!


Jeanne Brooksbank, mom of three. Currently works at TOYconomy in TOYmember Services.


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