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Fairytale Wishes: A Unique Aromatherapy Product Line for Kids

Enter to win 1 free bottle (winner’s choice) and a personalized letter from Freddy the Frog!

Childhood fears are very real. We, as parents, will do just about anything to help our kids work through these very common phases of childhood. Mompreneur, Debbie Glickman, experienced this with her own children and when trying to find a fun, magical way to handle fear of going to sleep in the dark, she found no products out there that were targeted especially for kids.

The homemade label on a spray bottle wasn’t going to cut it with her kids who were too smart for their own good.

She knew of the calming effects of lavender and bought a very expensive bottle of Lavender infused pillow spray from a fancy “aromatherapy” bath product store and thought to herself there had to be a way to make a product like this especially for children.

It was then that Fairytale Wishes, Inc was born with a mission to “Give Children a Happily Ever After!” Each bottle is made from naturally derived ingredients with a hint of ‘magic’ glitter and a mini-fairytale written by their magical frog, Freddy on the hang tag.

Currently there are 4 products in their line:

Sweet Dreams Spray– Spray this lavender scented spray on your child’s pillow for Sweet Dreams!

Monster Repellent-Spray this bubblegum scented spray under the bed, in the closet or anywhere you think a monster or bed bug might lurk. You see they are terrified of bubblegum because it is sticky and gets in their fur and fangs and just the smell of bubblegum will keep them running for the hills.

Super Hero Spray– Spray this energizing peppermint scented spray on your child’s clothing when they need a little extra courage and confidence for the day. Great for the doctor, the school bus, trying out for a sport or play or just plain for fun!

Happy Camper Spray-Take this grape jelly scented spray to overnight camp with your child to keep homesickness far far away!

Visit Fairytale Wishes, Inc. for more information!

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